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Established in 2016 out of the collective ambition of experienced business and hospitality leaders, our goal is to empower service professionals to look and feel great at work.

We are a New York-based startup at the forefront of fashion and tech. If you’re a service business in the U.S., click or touch below to create your very own wearer-driven apparel program today. 


We are service experts, designers, analysts, developers, makers, and models. Former uniform wearers passionately united in our drive to transform the uniform apparel industry.

Our Team

Advisory Board


Adam Birkhold

Founding Partner, Birkhold & Maider, LLC

Steve Cropper

Owner, Steve's Software Services (UK) Ltd.

Anne Marie Ditaranto

Executive Trade Consultant, AMD Trade Consultant LLC

David Israel

Senior Vice President, hotelAVE

Charles Kickham

Advisor, Endeavor Plus

Marisa Office

Attorney and Personnel Development Manager

Gary Nelson

former Managing Director, Donna Karan North America

Vince Ponzo

former Managing Director, Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center, Columbia Business School

Susan Osnato

Recruiting and Talent Management Executive

Robin Stephenson

Fundraising and Development Executive

Janser Marcelo

Board Member, Columbia Venture Community



Powerful collaborations



Would you like to make your collection available for purchase on our platform? Got questions about our supplier network? Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment with our leadership team.

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Fax 1 (866) 386-8789

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