Giving Back, Where We Started

Our founders grew up in the industry.

As company, eParel, L.L.C. is determined to give back.

Each year, we’re donating 5% of proceeds from our Bib & Tucker Made In NY® Signature Collection to the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation (AHLEF), a charitable, not-for-profit organization. To date, the Foundation has awarded more than $13.5 million in scholarships and research grants to students seeking careers in hotels and restaurants. 

We believe that inspiring future hospitality leaders today creates a better, brighter tomorrow.

eParel, L.L.C. is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by the Foundation or the American Hotel & Lodging Association. 

To read more about the Foundation, or consider a direct donation, visit

511 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10011, USA

1 (212) 918-9129

Fax 1 (866) 386-8789

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